In the architectural woodworking industry the ability to work with a variety of materials is vital for the successful single-source execution of complex fixtures that often combine metals, plastics, simulated stone and wood.



Our plastic laminate casework line is second to none in the region. The automated line can handle any volume order, and its inherent flexibility allows Blair Dumond to avoid reliance on a stock sizes and cookie cutter approaches that others depend on.



In addition to laminate and solid surface countertops, Blair Dumond has experience post forming various acrylics used in complex architectural features. Resin panels are increasingly popular in the architectural millwork industry, and Blair Dumond has considerable practice fabricating and installing suspended and captured panels, lightboxes, and feature walls.



Our moulding department grinds its own knives and can match any trim profile on our six head moulder and battery of shapers. In combination with our finishing department and expert installers, our moulding department can produce a wide range of looks.



We have extensive experience blueprinting, sequencing, and installing arrays of the highest quality veneer panels in domestic and exotic species with the ability to ensure uniform grain match, color, and tint throughout a project.